Long Term Care Insurance Odessa

Long-term Care Insurance Odessa Texas

Statistics tell the tale of whether you need long-term care insurance for residents of Odessa, Texas. According to the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance, nearly 70% of people over 65 years of age have some type long term care.

Odessas Need for Long-Term Care Insurance

The baby boomer generation (those born between 1946 and 1964) is more active than ever before, has a longer life expectancy, and at the same time experiences more disabilities than any other previous generation. Long-term care insurance in Odessa, Texas can help such individuals with their activities of daily living. Almost 20% of seniors have difficulty with at least one or two of their activities of daily living (ADLs)- such as bath, grooming, toileting, transferring, and feeding. Talk to your Odessa, Texas long-term care insurance agent about protection.

As part of the Midland-Odessa metropolitan area, residents enjoy a small town feel with big city amenities, including some of the best long-term care insurance plans. Founded in 1881, Odessa, Texas is home to the Presidential Museum and Leadership Library, which dedicates itself to artifacts and displays of the Presidency at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin. One notable attraction – the Globe of the Great Southwest –is a replica of William Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, found in London.

Odessa Long Term Care Insurance AgencyShould Odessa residents Buy Long-Term Care Insurance?

Talk to a long-term care insurance agent in Odessa, Texas and find out some of the top reasons you may want to purchase a long-term care insurance policy now, rather than later. The younger you are when you purchase long-term care insurance, the lower your premiums will be. Compared to the cost of assisted-living, long-term care facility or nursing home care in Odessa, Texas, your policy premiums could save you thousands of dollars a year.

You Dont Have to be Old to Benefit From Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance isnt just for old people. In Odessa, Texas, many people are recuperating from a long illness, an accident, or struggling with physical or cognitive disorders and handicaps. Long-term care insurance policy coverage provides for custodial care in home-based scenarios, in Odessa, Texas and elsewhere throughout the state. These services are usually not covered by traditional medical insurance policies or Medicare services.

Dont Leave Caregiving to your Loved Ones

A growing trend these days is aging in place. Your Odessa, Texas long-term care insurance agent understands the needs and wants of most people who would rather age in their own home rather than a nursing home. Long-term care insurance policies provide you with options when it comes to your needs as you age. Dont leave the emotional, mental, and physical burden of caregiving to your adult children, family or relatives. Protect your financial future as well as your peace of mind. Your long-term care insurance agent in Odessa, Texas can discuss insurance rates, coverage and providers in your region.

The content of this website is provided for educational purposes only and is not a solicitation for insurance. Todd Dearth is currently licensed in Texas (TX #1727303) as a long term care insurance agent. If you are a resident of Texas and would like to request more information about long-term care insurance and other long-term care planning options, please CONTACT US.

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